Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's there?

After seeing everyone else has a blog these days I thought it was due time to give a try at it as well. I'm a follower at heart, have to be cool, loved and accepted ;-)

Well! First things first: this blog will probably disgust and shock people as the primary subject I will be writing about is zoophilia. I have set an open comment policy here which means even those who are not registered with blogger can comment. I don't actually expect many people to find let alone care to read a nobody writing about zooish issues, but mostly I am writing for myself. I have always found writing to be therapeutic. Oh, and I love to hear myself talk too! I hope my zoo friends will enjoy reading though I know they're busy with their own sites/forums/blogs/farm animals ;)

Who am I? I go to school.

That is all I am...

I'm bi/zoo and have a girlfriend too.

Keeping it short to start, going to fall asleep now.

I also x-post but try to keep stuff unique in these locations:

Notice: You won't find porn here so look elsewhere. I am not condoning zoophilia/bestiality or breaking any laws in your state of residence.
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Anonymous said...

Does your girlfriend know you fuck animals?

DGP said...

Yes, and she is accepting too. A rare gift to have indeed.