Sunday, April 6, 2008

Elitezoo drama

Elitezoo seems to have way too much drama. Fausty is always fighting with somebody, lies and rumors are happening against everyone, zoos fighting other zoos. Why does it seem every zoo forum attracts drama? Is it possible to find a place where there isn’t any? The contributing members are few and far between in these places as they move elsewhere. I think one of the biggest problems on places like Beastforum and Elitezoo is the amount of porn content. I’m not suggesting I’m against porn or even zoo porn but I do realize it attracts a lot of problems. Many of these porn hungry members don’t contribute anything at all to positive zoo discussions but instead beg that the porn tracker be fixed ASAP. Another problem I see with Elitezoo especially is the people allowed on the forum in the first place. There are truths and rumors in this world, and unfortunately the truth is more than a handful of Elitezoo members have been involved in animal abuse of all types: neglect and even murder. How can these “zoos” be allowed on the forum? They do not love animals! They simply abuse their animals who they are supposed to love and protect. People like this give normal zoophiles a very bad image in the media, as if we didn’t have a hard enough time as it is. The only solution is to ban all of these offending members, restrict who has access to the porn content, and cut down on the drama and shit stirring. Elitezoo is falling just like Beastforum and it is no fault other than GPrix2K9/Chief and his cronies for allowing it to happen.

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Equitube said...

I agree totally with you. I am Equitube, I used to be a 'regular' on EZ, talk abt drama, (admittedly, I was responsible for my share). It seems to be down now though. I know GP far more than I ever wanted to and he probably finally lost the forum and financial support.