Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beast Forum

I wonder how many actual zoos are left on beastforum? It seems to me that the entire site is just full of porn. I even came across a few posts buy guys who are not willing to try anything with an animal but were a-okay with being lurkers, the kinda guy who wanks to a video of a horse pounding away at some girl from Brazil. I have nothing against zoo porn really, there are some problems with it in terms of *some* of the animals involved that I won't get into right now, but if this is the major focus of the 'zoo community' I'm worried. I unfortunately wasn't around during the early internet zoo years (I got online ~1998ish and had no idea about zoophilia and the internet...) but I have seen the older discussions from way back. It seems like there was a more positive discussion about zoo issues. Reading through these archives I can tell zoos cared more about each other, helping new people, and on and on. No wonder so few zoos are actually online!


Anonymous said...

beastforum is fucking whack they fucking rip content and sell it as there own!! fuck beastforum

Anonymous said...

I am a Zoo woman...started in my mid-Teens with the family dog. Several years ago I joined Beast Forum and began posting articles: "what its like being a Zoo on vacation" "my High School years..wondering if I was Alone" "staying at a Motel with dog while traveling" etc. And B.F. banned me !! Seems they only wanted crude porn...not sensitive real life stories.